I focussed on restoration very early on in my career, principally out of a fascination for antique instruments. And it is my firm belief that instrument restoration is, quite simply, a different profession to that of instrument maker.

Combining traditional techniques and modern technology is, I believe, the way of the future – utilising for example 3D printing and CNC technologies to preserve (and where necessary sympathetically replace) original materials.


The restorer’s main objective, always, is ensuring the balance between the preservation and ‘playability’ of an instrument, whilst respecting its history and its maker.

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My portfolio, shown here, reflects a small sample of the projects I have worked on, and the practices I employ. In particular, you will find ‘before and after’ examples of more common restoration procedures such as crack and edge repairs, patching and retouching.

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Here you will examples of a number of my more noteworthy and rewarding projects, which involved my working with musicians and their instruments to successfully complete more complex restorations.

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