The path to becoming a restorer of stringed instruments is, currently, long and convoluted.
a restorer
As a first step, students will usually study violin making in a private workshop or, more commonly nowadays, at a violin making school, where they learn to handle tools, woodwork, and the design and building of new instruments.

They will also receive a modicum of training in repair work, but the time devoted to this subject is limited, with the focus principally on making new instruments.

After completing their studies at violin making school, students typically spend several years in different workshops, where repair and restoration techniques are learned and refined, and instruments of various styles and schools are studied.

If they then choose to become restorers, they have to find a workshop which practises and teaches restoration techniques (an option which is sadly not always available).
Preservation and restoration are such an important part of modern lutherie, however, that educating the restorers of the future must become a priority.
online courses
from Anna Ediger
Anna Ediger offers online courses for aspiring restorers, providing techniques to start on the challenging but rewarding path of restoration.
The next available time for participating in the courses is scheduled for September 2024
Gain confidence in repairing any type of crack. Master the nuances of surface reflection.
Learn an accessible way to make plaster and use them to make your repairs and restoration more effective.
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