Whether your interest is in sound adjustment, you’re seeking advice on the condition of your instrument, that instrument requires restoration or repair – or indeed you are considering buying an instrument
– my aim always is to give you the best possible advice and service, to help you source, adjust or restore the instrument that is just for you.
assessment / reports
It is imperative that you understand the condition of your instrument. To know exactly any damage and originality or otherwise of every part of your instrument is important for the pricing of your instrument and also for its maintenance.
I offer full condition reports of your instrument or an instrument you are considering buying.
Helping you find
your instrument
Looking for an instrument to buy can be a complicated matter; how much do I have to invest for an instrument that suits me? Should it be an antique or a new instrument? Does the value reflect the sound quality and the playability of an instrument? Should the purchase of an instrument also be an investment?
Using my experience, contacts and knowledge of stringed instruments – in particular antique violins, violas and cellos – I am happy to assist musicians in their search for the instrument that is absolutely right for them.
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